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Use Infracare socks for 3 - 4 hours before seeing the results. For diabetic patients who have a history of bleeding use white socks.

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You will notice that your feet are feeling less cold. For use in outdoors and activities like winter sports, winter hunting and winter farming use Infracare cold feet socks as the first layer of socks. They can be used as Diabetic socks. Wash in cold water and drip dry for re-use.

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Do not use washing machine or dryers. Cold hands could be due to Raynaud's, Chilblains which can get aggravated due to cold weather conditions. Direction for use: Use Infracare socks for 3 - 4 hours before seeing the results. Shop other health products. Direction for use: Use Infracare pyro gloves for 3 - 4 hours before seeing the results.

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During an attack, blood vessels in the hands and feet overreact and go into spasm when they sense exposure to cold temperature or stress. It's considered a type of arthritis and also gets worse as you get older.

Disability for Raynaud's Disease: Benefits and Filing Information

Your fingers may also turn interesting shades of blue, purple or white. There are two types of Raynaud's. I have primary Raynaud's, the more common type and just comes with the cards you're dealt. Secondary Raynaud's is caused by an underlying problem.

Raynaud’s Syndrome is no joke!

Some causes include arterial diseases, connective tissue diseases, carpal tunnel syndrome, smoking, long-term repetitive motions like typing or holding vibrating tools, previous injuries like fractures, frostbite and certain medications. Secondary Raynaud's symptoms usually pop up later in life -- around 40 -- than they do for primary Raynaud's. If you suspect you have primary Raynaud's, as annoying as it is, most of the home treatments and lifestyle adaptations are simple.

This last one is my nemesis.

FIR Therapy Gloves for Arthritis and Raynauds Disease

Many gyms have their AC set to around 68 - 72 degrees. After I workout or teach a class, I'm hot and sweaty. Within minutes of stopping, my body overreacts to the AC and soon I'm shivering and touching people with icicles that resemble fingers. If you have severe Raynaud's you can talk to your doctor about medical treatments.

Some medications can help widen the blood vessels like vasodilators and calcium channel blockers, while others medications may aggravate the situation.

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Sudafed for example, is found in many cold and allergy medicines, and is not great for Raynaud's. Other medical treatments are more invasive like nerve surgery and botox injections. In rare cases Raynaud's can get so bad that skin ulcers or gangrene can appear. I've known since I was a teen that something was not quite right. I was glad I finally got diagnosed.


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